Embrace the Humble power that comes from living in alignment with your Values.

Life Coach for Men. Coaching for Mental and Emotional Health & Awareness.

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rodney Umble

I am passionate about supporting professionals & creatives as they live their values, navigating everyday life and curveballs that may come their way. My goal is to be their partner for those moments when challenges come up in life, business, and relationships. I believe a caring presence willing to reflect unconscious patterns and beliefs can lead to realizations and meaningful new choices. My approach focuses on getting curious about the driving motivators for their current decisions, and creating space through reflection that raises their awareness, and allows them to choose differently in a way that honors them. I encourage my clients to speak their truth, express their emotions, and see their inherent worth. Our work happens in a peaceful and judgment-free environment through a range of exploratory practices that invite us to be open to possibility.

Background & Training

Rodney, a 2019 graduate of Accomplishment Coaching, an ICF-accredited coaching training program, seamlessly integrates over 15 years of corporate experience with a background in theatre and over 20 years in improvisation. With a deep understanding of both corporate professionals and creatives, Rodney has coached over 250 clients and has partnered with them on over 1,300 hours of coaching. His customized support fosters personal growth, resilience, and alignment in navigating the complexities of life and realizing the creative potential of his clients.

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